Katarina Appel Schultz

Katarina has always been a writer. From early journals to scifi picture books, she grew up with words in her head. She doesn’t put them down on paper as often as she’d like but she’s a writer all the same. Specializing in memoir and entertainment writing, she presently writes for Screen Rant, Comic Book Resources, and herself.

Katarina has lived with mental illness for most of her life. It’s often been a battle, but it’s made her who she is today. She has written much on the subject for outlets like The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Katarina plans to get her Masters in Social Work and become a therapist like those who helped her.

Katarina has dabbled in filmmaking, poetry, fiction, and zine creation as well. She enjoys exploring many different avenues for creative exertion. She also co-created the blog DBT Skills, which makes dialectical behavior therapy accessible to all. It can be found on Tumblr and Instagram.

Katarina lives with physical illness as well as mental. Joint Hypermobility Syndrome gives her chronic pain and though she has a relatively mild case, it has become a large part of her life.

Katarina lives and writes at the intersection of media, mental health and hope. She enjoys exploring the ways these three overlap in her life. She draws a great deal of hope from the media she consumes. So much so that she’s known to cosplay as Princess Leia at conventions.

Katarina lives in Los Angeles in a tiny apartment on the fifth (and top) floor of her building. She enjoys gazing out her window while writing on her blue fainting couch and imagining the cat she will get one day. She loves books, a single brand of coffee, and sunflowers.

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